Collaborative Divorce Coach

Parents going through a divorce are full of confusing and stress-filled emotions and feelings, from anger and frustration to fear and apprehension. They bring these emotions and feelings into the collaborative process, specifically to their collaborative divorce coach.

As coaches, we are there to help make sense of their emotions and to assist them in dealing with their feelings in a proactive and positive manner.

We assist parents in improving their communication skills, especially around coparenting issues.

We give parents the tools needed to develop the ability to keep cool and think clearly in tense situations.

We teach parents to clarify their ideas and to present them in an effective manner.

We discuss with parents the many ways they can manage their negative emotions to prevent those negative emotions from getting in the way of the collaborative divorce process.

Our educational and informational team approach helps clients understand that the collaborative divorce process can be a healing process, a process that provides a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for difficult conversations.

The collaborative divorce approach allows clients the opportunity to look at the bigger picture of how the reorganized family will look after the divorce restructuring process is complete.

By keeping the emotional issues from getting in the way of the restructuring process, the family can work with their team members on issues that are in the best interests of all family members, including both short-term interests and long-term interests.